My favorite place..


Lets talk about something I hold near and dear to my heart.. Something I love, and can always make my day better. It was love at first try and ever since that rainy day in April I’ve never been the same.. I’m talking about boba!! Or tapioca balls, whichever you prefer. One of my all time favorite things is boba and luckily the Richmond district has a surplus of boba stores. So along with my reporting this semester I’ve also done some extensive research and trials of the boba stores in the Richmond and of the over 8 cafes that I’ve tried here are my top three, in order of best to decent:

Warning: my judgement of the cafes is based on my own opinion and tastes. I tend to judge a cafe for its boba based on the freshness and taste of the tapioca balls themselves and then the taste of the tea. In my heart, the quality of the boba outweighs the quality of the tea but this is a personal bias and I keep that in mind as I judge boba cafes.

1. Sharetea : 5336 Geary Blvd

This place is my peris favorite! It doesn’t get too busy compared to other cafes, like T-pumps or Purple Kow, and the quality of boba is always on point. It’s slightly sweet and always fresh tasting and warm, but still not too chewy. The tea is also pretty amazing, they make slushies, fruit flavored teas, red bean and matcha teas, and have some speciality teas that can be made fresh when you order. All around its a pretty great cafe when it comes to tea and boba quality! Plus it has the five stars program so every 10 drinks you get one for free. Pretty awesome. My favorites are the honey tea with aloe chunks and boba and the genmaicha tea with boba.

2. Purple Kow : 3620 Balboa St

I like Purple Kow because of the copious amount of drinks they have to chose from! You can get  slidhies, smoothies and teas of any flavor with almost every kind of topping you could think of: popping boba, honey boba, aloe, jellies, etc.. The only loss is that their tea quality hasn’t been so good the three times I went and that’s what’s makes it second on my list. Plus I’m kind of a boba purist! The only topping I ever get  is extra boba so this Cafe doesn’t really cater to my simplistic needs.

3. Beach N Boba Cafe : 3560 Taraval St

Yes so I know this cafe isn’t in the Richmond but I had to mention it! It’s set up like a sit down restaurant, which is unusual for a boba cafe and they also have  food like pizza tater tots and fries… How amazing. But the coolest part is how they serve you like a sit down restaurant, they seat you, give you a menu of all their items and the server Runs it to the kitchen! The server I had was helpful and hilarious and even told us about their “secret menu” that had drinks that were named after employees and included such flavors as rose, honeydo, toffee, and more! The menu really is amazing because they have premade drinks that you can chose from that combine toppings and flavors in ways that I woud never think of!!

I hope this helps in your quest for boba!!


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