A Cafe


Being a barista has been my daytime job for almost two years now but I still cannot get over the happiness I feel whenever I try out a new cafe. This week I chose to try Royal Ground Coffee on Geary and 17th. Although there are more locations throughout the city, this one stood out to me because of its prominent location and all the windows on the front of the cafe. The cafe itself is pretty large. Outside is a major 38 bus stop on Geary Boulevard and even though there is a lot of foot traffic outside the cafe, the cool jazz playing inside the cafe maintains the relaxed mood.

By far my favorite thing about this cafe are the paintings on the walls. One, shown above, is clearly of San Francisco and the other looks like a scene from an Italian Riviera ( the baristas didn’t know for sure), But this air of mystery gives the cafe a little more personality.

The coziness of this cafe is also off the charts. When you walk in you notice the large amount of chairs, couches and tables squeezed into any and all possible spaces in the cafe. The worn-in red stripy couches are squeezed between wooden tables and chairs with even more paintings on them which are underneath an almost false porch that runs around the edge of the store.


In any other location the furniture would have made the store crowded and chaotic, but here it fits in perfectly with the mismatched mysteries of the cafe.

It may not be the most modern cafe in town but the mocha I had was good and the coziness was irreplaceable. A definite recommendation.


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